Constructing a Retaining Wall on Sliding Soils

The old retaining wall (which failed) was constructed on soils that were sliding downhill!  The rock was too deep to put the new retaining wall on the bedrock, so we drilled piers down to the bedrock to stop the hill from sliding and to support the new retaining wall.

This video shows you how to prevent a retaining wall failure when there are sliding soils!


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Joseph Kowalski, P.E.
Current State PE Registrations

Allan Block 90-Degree Corner

  Have you ever tried to construct a 90-degree bend using Allan Blocks and wondered where to make the saw cut?


 THIS VIDEO SHOWS YOU HOW!  Take a minute and learn how to make PERFECT 90-degree outside corners with Allan Block.    READ MORE ....

Allan Block Europa Collection

The Allan Block Europa series is Allan Block's newest offering to the retaining wall industry.  The series builds from the dependability and performance of the original Allan Block Collection and adds European stylings and rough hewn stone appearances that provide classical aesthetics to any landscape.

Allan Block Collection

The Allan Block Collection features blocks that have been used by landscapers, wall builders, and homeowners for years.  They're easy to work with and yield great looking walls with nice finishes for many needs.

Allan Block Ashlar Blend

AB Ashlar Blend® Pattern


  • Blended Beauty  
  • Elegant and Unique
  • Variety of Patterns


Approximate Specifications:

By combining different styles of blocks,
you can build beautiful blended patterned walls.