What is geogrid?

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By jwk
Jan 16, 2008 - 10:34:58 AM

Geogrid is:

"A geosynthetic material consisting of connected parallel sets of
tensile ribs with apertures of sufficient size to allow strike-through
of surrounding soil, stone, or other geotechnical material."
- from Designing With GeosyntheticsKoerner, 1998.

Imagine a small pile of sand on a card it?
Okay - besides being a mess, you can picture that the sand will
just run onto the floor, no matter how much sand you try to pile up!
It will run off the table because sand won't stand vertically.

Now - envision putting beach towels down on the table that are
the exact same size and shape of the table.  Imagine these beach
towels between 1-inch thick layers of sand!  By repeating layers
of towels and sand over-and-over again you can make a really
high, vertical column of sand!  You just did what GEOGRIDS
do for walls that are 40 to 50 feet tall!

So, GEOGRIDS reinforce the soil or sand to make the sand
stand up nearly vertically!  Geogrids such as Stratagrid are
manufactured with high quality in a variety of strengths.

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