Allan Block 90-Degree Corner

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By Joseph Kowalski
Jan 21, 2010 - 11:22:52 AM

Allan Block has one of the best 90-degree corners available.  Constructing a 90-degree outside corner is very easy and results in good structural strength.  In order to make it fit, a small piece of the block must be saw-cut from the bottom of the block.  This video shows you how to make that cut.  Cutting the block takes about 30 seconds - it is simple!

Begin at corner
The first block you place should be the corner block.
The most important thing about constructing corners is to BEGIN AT THE CORNER AND WORK AWAY FROM THE CORNER in both directions.  Each succesive course alternates between RIGHT corner and LEFT corner.



Cut pieces
Contractor had to cut many pieces to fit corner.
If you work toward the corner, you WILL be cutting blocks "to fit" right next to the corner blocks.  This looks sloppy and is less structurally-sound.




With cut bottom
About 1/2 of the bottom has been removed.
If you cut away the bottom (as shown in video) your block should look like this.




Nice fit!
After cut, corner block fits well.
Then, the cut block will fit perfectly!