SmartSlope Living Wall

Every once in a while, a truly fantastic product comes along.  SmartSlope is one of those products!  The benefits include: excellent block dimension tolerance, a 100% mechanical connection to the reinforcement, a huge pocket for holding soils, the ability to batter at 20 degrees or flatter, and the ability to install drip irrigation lines directly into the block!

Here's a video about the system:

So, we are talking about the Living Wall: the most environment-friendly block on the market and the only block with a true 100% mechanical, verifiable connection.

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Jet Filter System

Jet Filter Components
Retaining walls are failing daily in all parts of the world due to the lack of proper erosion control. The JET FILTER prevents seawall failure by relieving pressure and allowing drainage while saving time & money on extensive repairs. The JET FILTER relieves the hydrostatic pressures created by rain water as well as tidal surges trapped behind erosion control structures such as:

        • Seawalls
        • Bulkheads
        • Retaining Walls
        • Sheet Piling
Because of its unique design, the Jet Filter allows water behind walls to escape, but retains the soil.

For more information contact:

Mr. David Gentry
Blue Marlin Marine Solutions
PO Box 31
Casey, Illinois  62420

Jet Filter Installed in Sheetpile Wall to Relieve Water Pressure

Fences Down Under

 We received this question from West Perth, Australia. How close can you excavate for a new wall near existing fence posts?

From: Frederick 
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 4:00 AM
Subject: wall question

Hey guys, I just found your website and its great.
I need to build a retaining wall in my back yard but the neighbouring fence is five feet higher than the ground level, how do I build the retaining wall without the fence falling down?
thanks guys
Frederick in West Perth WA 6005
We'd be glad to help with your wall project.  By the way, I've got some relatives in Australia, but they live near Adelaide!  My wife visited a number of years ago, and my father-in-law usually travels there about every 2 years, and spends a few weeks traveling from Perth to Sydney.
Anyway, back to your wall question ..... Read More ...

Strata Systems

trata Systems has extensive experience with retaining walls of all types. Strata systems geogrid products have been proven in many installations throughout North America with a broad variety of modular block facings.

Attaching Fencing to Caps--Right or Wrong?

We recently got an email asking: What is the best way to attach a vinyl fence to the top of an Allan block wall?

Our answer was: Don't, if you don't have to.....but it has been successful in the past.....(Read Full Article)