Stone Strong Retaining Wall Installation

Rock Anchors and Moving Mountains

PDF showing rock anchors for Costco, St. John's, NB, Canada
 What began as simply "moving a mountain" quickly became an engineering challenge.  The task: find a safe way to quickly and safely anchor the bottom of a 7-meter high retaining wall from falling off a 10-meter high cliff onto the heavily-travelled roadway below!  Canada, here we come!

Because excavating solid bedrock in New Brunswick, Canada, was prohibitively expensive, we assisted the design engineer in developing rock anchors for the lowest region of the MSE retaining wall on the top of a rock outcrop.                 READ MORE ...

Fred Creek Wall in Tulsa, Oklahoma

When the natural banks of Fred Creek, a storm water runoff channel near the campus of Oral Roberts University (ORU) in downtown Tulsa, began eroding and threatening the stability of the banks and associated utilities, the city needed to stabilize the stream banks while providing an attractive green area for jogging trails and parks...

Stone Strong System

Stone Strong is so revolutionary; you'll save your customers a lot of money, including a dramatic reduction in labor and excavation costs. Which means you'll blow competing bids out of the water.

Retaining Walls as Bridge Abutments

This video shows two Redi-Rock retaining walls as aesthetically pleasing abutments for a county bridge replacement in a Nature Preserve Area in Clermont County, Ohio.