Rock Anchors and Moving Mountains

PDF showing rock anchors for Costco, St. John's, NB, Canada
 What began as simply "moving a mountain" quickly became an engineering challenge.  The task: find a safe way to quickly and safely anchor the bottom of a 7-meter high retaining wall from falling off a 10-meter high cliff onto the heavily-travelled roadway below!  Canada, here we come!

Because excavating solid bedrock in New Brunswick, Canada, was prohibitively expensive, we assisted the design engineer in developing rock anchors for the lowest region of the MSE retaining wall on the top of a rock outcrop.                 READ MORE ...

Retaining Wall with No Stone Drainage Column?

This video shows an innovative design of a large retaining wall with no stone drainage column.

Reinforced Soil Slope at Lowes

This video discusses the innovative design of a 44-foot high geogrid Reinforced Soil Slope with a concrete face at Lowe's Home Improvement that used some lime-treated lean clay soils within the geogrid zone.

Monster Walls Keystone Century

This monster retaining wall video discusses the use of Keystone Century blocks and Strata Grid in a 37 feet high wall that needed to withstand loads from parking structures and have ramp accessibility.

Retaining Wall with Box Culvert

This video considers rapid drawdown and preventing soil loss when designing a retaining wall around a box culvert.