Retaining Walls as Bridge Abutments

VIDEOS, Large Block Systems, Redi-Rock
By Doug Blackburn, EI
Nov 15, 2008 - 12:35:01 PM

Clermont County needed to replace a bridge in a Nature Preserve on Gaynor Road.  They were going to use reinforced concrete bridge abutments for the retaining walls, but decided they needed something more aesthetically pleasing because of the area.

We designed two Redi-Rock retaining walls to act as abutments on each side of the stream.  The design called for a reinforced concrete grade beam to sit directly on the 41” Redi-Rock blocks.  The reinforced zone used Stratagrid geogrid.  One of the other interesting parts of this project was that no piers had to be drilled for reinforcement of the wall.Since the streambed was made up of mostly thinly bedded shale and limestone bedrock, no piers were needed.