Monster Walls Keystone Century

This monster retaining wall video discusses the use of Keystone Century blocks and Strata Grid in a 37 feet high wall that needed to withstand loads from parking structures and have ramp accessibility.

Retaining Walls as Bridge Abutments

This video shows two Redi-Rock retaining walls as aesthetically pleasing abutments for a county bridge replacement in a Nature Preserve Area in Clermont County, Ohio.

Segmental Blocks attached to Pier Wall

This video shows MESA segmental retaining wall blocks attached to a soldier pile wall to createa nice appearance and hide the soldier pile retaining wall.

Happy Halloween-Don't Let Retaining Wall Failures Haunt You

Retaining Wall failures are nothing to laugh about. They can cost the wall builder, the engineer, and the client thousands of dollars.

Redi-Rock of Northwest Ohio-Sandusky Township Cemetery Wall