Redi-Rock of Northwest Ohio-Sandusky Township Cemetery Wall

Redi-Rock, Large Block Systems, VIDEOS
By Brian Harman
Oct 22, 2008 - 4:47:03 AM

Project Name

Sandusky Township Cemetery Wall

Customer Name

Sandusky Township

Block Manufacturer

Redi-Rock of Northwest Ohio

Wall Installer

Sandusky Township

Project Location

Fremont, Ohio

Year Built





Project Scope

The existing wall at the cemetery in Sandusky Township in Fremont, Ohio, was an old poured concrete wall that had decades of wear and tear and cracking. Not only was the wall becoming more unstable with each passing year, but it was also an eyesore to those traveling along State Route 19.

With this highway being a highly traveled route, Sandusky Township and it's Trustees decided that they needed to come up with a solution before the wall collapsed into the road, potentially causing an accident.

Redi-Rock was used on this project due to its massive size and ability to be installed in close quarters, requiring minimal excavation. This was necessary because there were existing graves butting up to the wall already, thus there was no room to dig into the cemetery any further in order to tie back the wall with geogrid reinforcement without disturbing the grave sites.

This is where Redi-Rock's massive size and innovative design allowed Sandusky Township to install the wall measuring over 7' high at some points and stretching about 180' long.

In June, 2007, the wall was installed in less than one week and provided Sandusky Township with a wall with the strength to last a lifetime and a much more aesthetically pleasing landmark for those commuters traveling along State Route 19.