Fred Creek Wall in Tulsa, Oklahoma

When the natural banks of Fred Creek, a storm water runoff channel near the campus of Oral Roberts University (ORU) in downtown Tulsa, began eroding and threatening the stability of the banks and associated utilities, the city needed to stabilize the stream banks while providing an attractive green area for jogging trails and parks...

Retaining Walls as Bridge Abutments

This video shows two Redi-Rock retaining walls as aesthetically pleasing abutments for a county bridge replacement in a Nature Preserve Area in Clermont County, Ohio.

Redi-Rock of Northwest Ohio-Sandusky Township Cemetery Wall

Redi-Rock of Northwest Ohio - 10 Mile Creek Wing Walls

"The original plan was to use gabion baskets....but....Redi-Rock was called upon..."

Large Gravity Wall

This video discusses the advantages of a Redi-Rock gravity retaining wall in comparison to walls with geogrid and to reinforced concrete cantilever walls.