Keystone Century Wall Units

Keystone Century Wall is a dry stacked yet mechanically connected wall that evokes the old world charm of a mason crafted structure. Random and rugged yet blended with color and character, these high strength concrete modules appear as natural stone, but have the latest built-in technology of the Keystone pin assured connection. Designed specifically for taller wall structures and heavy loading conditions, Keystone Century Wall blends the distinctive look and character of natural stone with structural integrity that lets you build with confidence.

Keystone Standard Unit

The Keystone Standard Unit is an American original. What started the industry is still the industry leader. Its height-to-depth ratio delivers a structurally sound, engineered wall system with superior construction stability, durability, and strength. The choice for tall walls and critical structures.

Monster Walls Keystone Century

This monster retaining wall video discusses the use of Keystone Century blocks and Strata Grid in a 37 feet high wall that needed to withstand loads from parking structures and have ramp accessibility.

Keystone Compac Unit

The Keystone Compac Unit is the perfect choice where the deep embedment length of the Standard unit is not required. An installer's favorite, its lighter weight and shorter tail design makes it easy to handle for smaller walls.

Keystone Elite133 Series

Keystone 133Elite

The forward-thinking design of the new Keystone 133Elite™ combines great looks with an exciting new way to increase efficiency. The Keystone 133Elite is perfect for large wall applications.  Its 8” x 24” face dimension creates a larger-scale look, aesthetically matching the larger wall look and feel, while reducing the number of units required to complete the job.  Never before have wall designers had so much flexibility in creating the perfect appearance for their Keystone wall. In addition to conventional textures, Keystone’s patented StoneArt™ embossing technology can produce units with specially designed natural textures- in combination with the wide variety of colors available in most Keystone products. The Keystone 133Elite can satisfy a wide array of design requirements from corners to sweeping curves. The Keystone 133Elite is simply the best combination of strength, beauty, and efficiency on the market.