Sleeve-It Fence System

Fence Systems
By Joseph Kowalski
Sep 19, 2008 - 2:04:40 PM

In our video "Fence Posts & Floods" we show how improperly installed fences damage retaining walls.  Additionally, we should consider the safety and stability of the fence itself and the safety of people relying onthe fence!  We've learned about a product that greatly improves the safety and stability of fences.

Take a look at the Sleeve-It System

From the Sleeve-It Website:

  • ensures the DEVELOPER maximum use of valuable real estate; 
  • provides the SPECIFIER with a code compliant solution;
  • reduces the WALL DESIGNER'S liability related to fence integration;
  • allows the WALL CONTRACTOR to maintain peak production; and,
  • eliminates the FENCE CONTRACTOR'S concerns with effecting the integrity of the wall system.