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GEOGRIDS, Stratagrid, Fence Systems, Geotextiles
By Doug Blackburn
Dec 18, 2008 - 1:20:23 PM

tratagrid geogrids reinforce soil with their high molecular weight and high tenacity polyester yarn. The yarns are precision knitted into a dimensionally stable network of apertures providing tensile reinforcement capacity in both principle directions. A black UV stabilized saturation coating provides further chemical and mechanical benefits.

Stratagrid geogrid is mechanically and chemically durable, in the installation phase, in aggressive soil, or in aqueous environments. Stratagrid is produced in multiple strengths in order to provide the most efficient design possible. Stratagrid has been proven in the lab and by its installation in literally thousands of applications over the past decade.

Stratagrid was designed to be a reinforcement material that is easy to install in the field. It can be cut by hand for precise shaping. The apertures of Stratagrid are highly dimensionally stable, a critical factor in assuring that the tensile strength of the product is mobilized without excessive deformation. This geometric stability also makes Stratagrid particularly appropriate for use with segmental retaining wall units.

Reinforced Soil Slopes

Nature has its limits when it comes to creating slopes that provide both internal and surface stability. Mechanically stabilized earth allows civil engineers to stabilize soils at steeper angles, affording the most flexible and cost effective change-in-grade construction solution available. Strata’s mechanically stabilized earth systems include reinforced steep slopes, temporary walls and embankments.

Strata Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of advanced soil reinforcement products with world wide distribution and technical resources to meet the challenging and changing dynamics of any site development including municipal, commercial and residential projects. Strata provides innovative systems and technology that provide economic advantage while ensuring structural integrity and sound engineering principles.

is a high flow, fusion-bonded, geonet-geotextile drainage composites. StrataDrain is used primarily as a sheet interceptor drain behind retaining walls and as an internal interceptor drain for reinforced steep slopes.

The strength and uniformity of the fusion bond between StrataDrain's layers makes them highly resistant to layer separation. This ensures excellent hydraulic performance and minimizes the potential for failure planes caused by the fabric portion of the composite sliding on the drainage core.

StrataTex (STSeries) is a needle-punched nonwoven geotextile made of 100% polypropylene staple fibers, which are formed into a random network for dimensional stability.

StrataTex (SWSeries) geotextile fabrics are woven polypropylene materials offering optimum performance when used in stabilization applications. StrataTex is engineered to be mechanically and chemically durable, in both the harsh construction installation phase and in aggressive soil environments pHrangefrom2-13). Produced from first quality raw materials, they provide the perfect balance of strength and separation in styles capable of functioning exceptionally well in a wide range of performance requirements.


Sleeve-It and Leave It

Retaining wall solutions that start with Stratagrid high tenacity geosynthetic reinforcement receive their finishing touches from the Sleeve-It™ System.  Patent-pending Sleeve-It System (rail integration device) is a code compliant, fence-post anchoring system that integrates stable fence footings into the support structure of retaining walls, while the retaining wall is being constructed.

§          Meets all requirements of Section 1607.7.1 of the IBC code for fence and guards

§          Maximizes useable real estate at the top of a retaining wall

§          Reduces risk for retaining wall designers resulting from fence integration

§          Shortens construction time for retaining walls with summit fencing