Stratagrid Holding Up a Car

By Joe Kowalski
Sep 12, 2008 - 8:50:13 AM



So, you want to know how geogrid works?  Well, you came to the right spot.  What we’re going to do is take a box and fill it with gravel and we’re gonna have somebody stand on this gravel and see if the gravel can hold the person up.


Well, obviously, that didn’t work too well. 


So now let’s reinforce the gravel using geogrid.  We will put alternating layers of geogrid (that you can see here) and gravel inside the box.  Next, we will remove the box, and, the man is supported very well by the alternating layers of geogrid and gravel.  But, you know how strong geogrid is?  It can holds things a lot heavier than people.  Geogrid can make walls 40, 50, 60 feet high, so I’d hope it could hold this car!  Take a look at that!