Redi-Rock of Northwest Ohio - 10 Mile Creek Wing Walls

Large Block Systems, Redi-Rock, VIDEOS
By Brian Harman
Oct 21, 2008 - 7:01:33 AM

Project Name                                                                              
10 Mile Creek Wing Walls
South Wall-Before

Customer Name                                                                          
City of Sylvania, Ohio
Design / Specifying Engineer                                                    
Andrassy Engineering
North Wall-Before
Block Manufacturer
Redi-Rock of Northwest Ohio                      
Wall Installer
Fort Defiance Construction and
North Coast Marine Construction
Project Location
Sylvania, Ohio
Year Built
South Wall-After
Project Scope
The original plan was to use gabion baskets for the wall on the north side of 10 Mile Creek with no specification for a wall on the south bank of the creek.  Soon after excavation began, it was discovered that an existing foundation on the north bank would impede the installation of the gabion system. This foundation was in good condition and there was no reason to disturb it in order to tie back the gabion baskets.  Some unexpected tree removal on the south bank created the need for a wall on that side as well.  Redi-Rock was called upon due to its ability to be installed with minimal excavation and no reinforcing.  
North Wall-After
The system also provided a much better look for the city rather than the caged rock look of the gabion system.  Both walls measured approximately 16' in height and 90' long with North Coast Marine Block serving as the 7' base of the wall and 8' of Redi-Rock on top.  After the base of the wall was set, approximately 1500 sf. of Redi-Rock was installed in less than a week.