Large Gravity Wall

VIDEOS, Large Block Systems, Redi-Rock
By Doug Blackburn
Sep 16, 2008 - 11:45:50 AM

This gravity retaining wall is 13.5-feet high and is constructed using 28-inch to 60-inch deep Redi-Rock blocks.  Behind the blocks there is angular, No. 57 gradation stone with a drainage outlet pipe.

The retaining wall bears on shale and thinly bedded limestone (bedrock).  Originally, the General Contractor (G.C.) had planned to use a reinforced concrete cantilever wall - and actually had complete plans ready to go!  We convinced the Owner and G.C. to give us a chance to design them a retaining wall that would look much better - I mean, I do live just a few miles from here and the thought of a gray, boring concrete wall...yuck!

There are three 90-degree bends in this wall; it goes up to 13.5 feet high; has a fence attached securely to the top; and, has lots of landscaping to accent the natural stone look.

Remember - until it is actually constructed, you still can convince an Owner to switch away from a cantilever reinforced concrete wall, if it is appropriate for the local conditions.