Planning, Bidding and Constructing Your Wall

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By Doug Blackburn
Sep 16, 2008 - 11:10:25 AM

Retaining wall video discusses planning, bidding, and constructing retaining walls with the help of design professionals.

We are often asked “What is the best way to have a retaining wall constructed at my site”?

The answer involves three distinct and important steps: Planning, Bidding and Constructing the wall.

    1. Hire a Civil Engineer or Landscape Architect

                                                              i.      They will help you to determine the accurate wall height, length and location.

                                                            ii.      These things are often related to local building codes, not just what you want.

    1. Hire a Professional Engineer who specializes in the design of retaining walls.

                                                              i.      This person might be a Geotechnical Engineer or a Structural Engineer.

                                                            ii.      The important thing is to make sure that they have the software and expertise to analyze the wall stability and global stability.

    1. Hire a Geotechnical Engineer to work with your wall designer to confirm that the soil strengths assumed in the design are correct.

    1. Ask the design professionals for referrals!  They will typically recommend Contractors whom they trust because the Contractor’s work is an extension of the Engineer’s reputation.
    2. The design professionals can prepare an Engineer’s Cost Estimate, which you can use to help evaluate your Contractor’s estimates.
    3. Closely evaluate any very high or very low bids to ensure accuracy – make sure they included all the required items.

    1. More walls fail due to poor construction than any other reason.
    2. Repeat that ... more walls fail due to poor construction than any other reason.
    3. So ... during construction we recommend that:

                                                              i.      You ensure that the contractor constructs the wall exactly as designed; you and your consultants put a lot of time and money on the design for a reason – so make sure it gets constructed properly.

                                                            ii.      You can do this by retaining the Design Engineer to be on-site and review construction.  He is best suited to adapt to any changing field conditions and knows the design better than anyone.


So in conclusion – the best way to have a retaining wall at your site is to:

             PLAN IT with the help of designers.

             BID IT to respected contractors.

             CONSTRUCT IT under the review of the wall designer.

I’m Joe Kowalski with Retaining Wall Expert – Right Here.  Right Now.